Neabsco Action Alliance Founded to Improve Dale City

Patch contributor Connie Moser serves as president of the organization.

In the midst of developments to the Woodbridge area like the new , the renovation of , and the redevelopment of North Woodbridge, some feel that the Dale City area has been neglected. 

The Neabsco Action Alliance held its first public meeting Tuesday night. The NAA was recently founded as a nonprofit civic organization that will serve Dale City by promoting its businesses and improving its appearance.

"Our strip malls are outdated and our home values have plummeted in neighborhoods with no HOA to keep up the status quo," NAA President Connie Moser said. "We want to get some sort of movement going that will bring pride to our neighborhoods, and better stores, shops and restaurants to our residents. We know it can be done -- we want to get started."

Moser and Vice President Kelly Easterly and Secretary Linda Gosnell have worked together in many projects to improve the community, such as , Library Work Days, the and the . In addition, Gosnell and Moser belong to Neighborhood Leaders and Easterly and Moser serve as board members for Keep Prince William Beautiful.

"We are a volunteer cadre who integrate and interweave many other committees, boards and groups," the NAA introductory announcement read. 

Because the group is a 501(c)4, it is a nonprofit, but not a charitable organiztion. Any resources collected by the group will fund "activities or materials that will benefit the community," the announcement continued.

Membership is open to the public.

Connie Moser March 19, 2012 at 10:33 AM
Thanks for the clarification, Bill and Mary. I understand exactly what you mean. You are right on the money about property values and it takes cooperation between residents, police, and Neighborhood Services, plus support from the BOCS. We're aiming to get all that. Some of us have been working with property code enforcement for years. We need better response from PCE and more people using that service to improve the condition of our neighborhoods. VDOT has recently begun edging walks and cleaning gutters on the main roads. The improvement is immediate and obvious. We need that same look in neighborhoods. Gutters filled with trash, sand and leaves look like no one cares about their property. This also causes pollution in our creeks and streams and impedes the flow of water in heavy rains. The number one thing we can do is get the outside storage of "junk" indoors, in a shed, a garage or the landfill. All of these things are concerns: Blighted Properties Graffiti Hoarding Illegal Roadway Signs Litter Control Occupancy & Overcrowding Outdoor Junk and Clutter Property Code Enforcement Tall Grass & Weeds Vacant Homes Vehicle Issues We're going to do our best to teach people the importance of these issues and how to report them.
Connie Moser March 19, 2012 at 10:34 AM
Bill, yes, I realize we have an Applebee's...that's why I said," ...middle of the road chains LIKE Applebees."
bill cummings March 19, 2012 at 11:25 AM
but you said"would be".As if they weren't already here.There's a undercurrent of snobbery in the comments from the NAA."better stores,shops,and restaurants"is also what you said.Dale City has always been a working class "City"
robin rother April 14, 2012 at 12:42 AM
dear connie, so sorry i have been away for awhile. i had forgotten about the alliance. my email is full. so i need to delete everything. i will look you up on facebook, i use that more now and texting. please friend me or ill try to do it. thanks for still working for dale city roberta rother
Connie Moser April 14, 2012 at 01:05 AM
Hi Robin...can't find you on FB (unless you live in India or Germany :-) Friend me!


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