Negotiations Continue Between Lancer and LRCSC Leaders

The Lake Ridge Lancer Board and Lake Ridge Community Swim Club Board held a joint meeting to discuss whether the Lancers will remain at the swim club.

After being officially invited back to the Lake Ridge Community Swim Club on Aug. 3 and opening negotiations at a swim club meeting on Aug. 6, the Lake Ridge Lancers continue to negotiate the terms of their return to the LRCSC board. 

The Lancers have not yet officially decided to return, but the negotiations continued on Aug. 13 with a joint board meeting between the Lancers and the LRCSC.

After the meeting, Lake Ridge Lancer President Dave Ross and Lake Ridge Community Swim Club Secretary Robert Buckley provided comments. The following comments appear verbatim as they were sent to me, and have not been edited. 

From Lake Ridge Community Swim Club Secretary Robert Buckley:

"It was a great opportunity for me to meet the Lancer Board of Directors. Like I stated at the meeting, the Lancers and LRCSC are not only pool and swim team in the county going through this problem. After reviewing the websites of all other teams in PWCSL, I have a greater appreciation for what swim team members and parents go through each week during the season.

Both boards are still baffle how, why, and when the Lancers became separate! The Lancers are well organize.and well coached, but I have another 200 families or patrons that expect me to represent them. 
Mr Ross, the Lancer President, and I both share the idea of thinking outside the box for organic solutions to our current problems. I still believe that 100% LRCSC membership will solve many of conflicts between the Lancers and other patrons of the LRCSC.

Both boards are communicating and that is a positive step in getting ready for a successful 2013 summer season. I am looking forward to Board of Directors elections in next 2 weeks and hope to see more volunteers at closing of the pool on Labor Day."

From Lake Ridge Lancer President David Ross:

"The meeting lasted about 1.5 hours.  The meeting was cordial.  The club board did not have a hosting proposal for the team to consider for the 2013 season, so the Monday meeting served as an opportunity to discuss comments made at the earlier club member meeting, discuss ways to improve relations between the club and the team and the club and its membership, and possible ways to approach a deal for the 2013 season. 

The club board is going to provide some information arising out of discussions at the meeting concerning possible contours for a deal for 2013, and the respective boards will then consider a potential deal structure.  I am hopeful that an agreement can be reached over the next few weeks."

If you were at the meeting, and you would like to comment on it, email your comments to rachel.leon@patch.com. I will add comments as I receive them.


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