Lake Ridge Lancers Win White Division Championship

161 Lancers swam against the Barracudas and Stingrays.

From Lake Ridge Lancers head coach Kristen Misencik: 

161 Lake Ridge Lancers swam tough against the much larger Barracudas and Stingrays teams and pulled off the White Division Championship win. The final score was Lancers (3,913); Ashland (3,841.5); Ridgewood (3,749.5). The Lancers achieved 51 percent best times, and had an all-time team-low thirteen individual disqualifications.  Cameron Young broke his own team record for the Lancers in the 50 meter backstroke with a time of 29.61.  

Both 11-12 boys relays, comprised of Josh DeLeoz, Tyler Misencik, Corey Shepard, and Tristan Zambrano, notched 1st and 2nd in the entire Prince William Swim League with a 100 Meter Free Relay time of 58.89 and a 100 Medley Relay time of 1:07.62.  The 9-10 boys 100 Meter Free Relay (Drew Early, JoeJoe Mazzoccoli, Josh Ramirez, and Michael Schaefer) grabbed 2nd place in the league with a time of 1:07.19.  The 8 & Under 100 Meter Mixed Medley Relay (Lori Anne Madison, Mitchell Nicolai, Peyton Ray, and Adam Shepard) secured 3rd place in the entire league with a time of 1:28.07.  

Other 3rd place individual league winners were Joshua DeLeoz- boys 11/12 50 Meter Breast (39.42), Mitchell Nicolai- boys 8 & U 25 Meter Breast (24.84), Adam Shepard- boys 8 & U 25 Meter Back (21.35), and Corey Shepard- boys 11/12 50 Meter Free (30.52).
Lauren Donohoe (18) and Cameron Young (16) both earned PWA times and dropped time in all three of their individual events, in addition to placing top one or two in all five of their events.  Josh DeLeoz (12), Lori Anne Madison (6), JoeJoe Mazzoccoli (10), Mitchell Nicolai (8) and Adam Shepard (8) all notched PWA times in their individual swims and placed in the top three in all five of their events.

Additionally, Melia Ross (9) placed in the top three in all five of her events.

Also notching PWA times in all three individual events were Kaleigh DePetro (14), Nathan Gibson (7), Noah Levine (13), Philip Mazzoccoli (13), Eric McDonald (17), Grace Nicolai (12), Sarah Rackham (12), Josh Ramirez (10), Abby Ross (14), Michael Schaefer (10), Corey Shepard (12), Elisabeth Vogel (14), Aaron Waldman (14), and Ryan Yirka (13).

The following swimmers achieved personal bests in all three of their individual events Eva Brady (10), David Brady (12), Aaron Brock (10), Karen Cortez (11), Amanda DeVarona (10), Tamara Eddy (11), James Gallagher (13), Lauren Harner (7), Nathan Harner (14), Kendall Hince (10), Noah Levine (13), Faith Longerbeam (9), Raina Meoli (17), Roland Messier (9), Kyle Misencik (13), Colleen Ranieri (14), Noah Reale (10), Kathryn Regan (11), Corey Shepard (12), Kelton Sullivan (13), Jordan Teaford (9), Michael Turner (13), and Ruthanne Wells (9).

MVS July 31, 2012 at 05:53 PM
Thanks for the article Rachel, Kristen does a great job! The highlight of this meet was how close it was, and that the other two teams were leading at points. Just the way it ought to be. By the way, another awesome article would be about how Braemar is nipping at the Sudley Seahorse's heels, and even was winning during their divisionals for some part of it. I would like to see a meet report (biased to whoever was submitting OK with me), just to get a feel for how it played out.
Kathi Levine July 31, 2012 at 08:21 PM
Maybe if all the other swim teams posted their results Swim Mom could compile everything into a summary and post something she is interested in reading. Remember, you don't have to read what you're not interested in. I thank you, Coach Kristen for taking the time to do this for our team every week. Let's hope other teams follow suit because I, like Julie, would love to have updates from around the league. Thank you also, Rachel Leon, for publicizing our results. We need for our community to understand how important swim is for our kids.
KR August 01, 2012 at 12:23 AM
You assume a lot to state that it is "not even an interesting read to anyone outside of the Lancers team." Even though I have a child on the Old Bridge Breakers team, I am still a member of the Lake Ridge Community and recognize many of the names listed by their proud (and superb) head coach. Congratulations to them, their team mates, their fantastic coaches, and hard working parent volunteers on a job well done! I think it's great to see their names in print and hope that more coaches will follow Kristen's lead and submit their team results in the future! P.S. I hope the Lancers find a home, it would be a crying shame to see them go!!
Julie M Jaeger August 01, 2012 at 03:16 AM
Exactly Kathi, Our kids have a deep passion about swim team and I hope that some day, the egos can be put aside and parents can come together to support all the kids.
P. Joshi August 01, 2012 at 04:55 AM
I love the local news and information that is offered by "The Patch." Thanks for sharing Coach Kristen!


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