How Does Hot Weather Affect My Car?

David Ford offers tips on keeping your car running smoothly in hot or cold weather.

If soaring, 100-plus degree temperatures can have an adverse effect on the human body, then it must have adverse effects on vehicles, right?


Cars and trucks handle the heat quite well and vehicle owners don’t have to do anything special to ensure their cars run smoothly doing the summer months, said , owner of .

Oh, and those pricey add-on services and "flushes" car dealerships and franchise automotive repair shops try to sell their customers? You probably don't need it, Ford said.

Aside from regular maintenance such as oil changes, most cars only need a tune-up around 100,000 miles, Ford said.

Ford did however, offer some low-cost and free pointers on keeping your car running smoothly in all four seasons.

 1. Clear leaves and other debris that may have collected near the vents located in the area between the hood of the car and the front windshield—this can affect a vehicle’s cooling capacity. 

 2. Make sure the vehicle has plenty of antifreeze.

 3. Top off other vehicle fluids.

 4. Drive gently.

 5. Check your tire pressure.

 6. Change windshield wiper blades when Daylight Saving Time begins and ends in the fall and in the spring. If they squeak, it’s time for new ones.

Unknown Sender July 30, 2012 at 12:35 AM
Are you kidding me? I would ask that next time if your going to put an article out for the public, you ask someone in the know about the topic. to think hot weather has no effect on a vehicle is absurdly ludicrus! "plenty of anti freeze"? exactly how much is plenty? be nice if you told folks theres an affordable meter for this they can buy anywhere car parts are sold that measures this chemical mix. your misleading people and so is this Mr Ford.


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