Where to Vote in the Neabsco, Coles Districts

Find your precinct in the Dale City area.

On Tuesday, Nov. 6, make sure you know where to go to vote. Not sure which precinct you are in? Check with the Virginia State Board of Elections Web site

Use the attached map as a visual guide for the 10 precincts in the Neabsco District and 12 in the Coles District. 

And don't forget to check out our election coverage and our voter's guide.

For Lake Ridge, the polling place is Lake Ridge Elementary School at 11970 Hedges Run Drive.

Here's the addresses for the precincts in the area: 

For the Woodbridge district click here. For the . 

For the Neabsco District: 

For Bel Air, go to Bel Air Elementary School at 14151 Ferndale Rd.

For Beville, go to Beville Middle School at 4901 Dale Blvd.

For Civic Center, go to Birchdale Community Center at 14730 Birchdale Ave.

For Dale, go to Dale City Elementary School at 14450 Brook Dr.

For Enterprise, go to Enterprise Elementary School at 13900 Lindendale Rd.

For Fitzgerald, go to Fitzgerald Elementary School at 15500 Benita Fitzgerald Dr.

For Godwin, go to Godwin Middle School at 14800 Darbydale Ave.

For Kerrydale, go to Kerrydale Elementary School at 13199 Kerrydale Rd.

For King, go to King Elementary School at 13224 Nickleson Dr.

For Minnieville, go to Minnieville Elementary School at 13639 Greenwood Dr.

For the Coles District: 

For Bennett, go to Bennett Elementary School at 8800 Old Dominion Dr. in Manassas.

For Buckhall, go to Buckhall Volunteer Fire Station at 7190 Yates Ford Rd. in Manassas.

For Coles, go to Coles Elementary School at 7405 Hoadly Rd. in Manassas.

For Ellis, go to Ellis Elementary School at 10400 Kim Graham Ln. in Manassas.

For Hylton, go to Hylton High School at 14051 Spriggs Rd. in Woodbridge.

For Lodge, go to Elks Lodge at 14602 Minnieville Rd. in Woodbridge.

For Marshall, go to Marshall Elementary School at 12505 Kahns Rd. in Manassas.

For Park, go to Park Authority Admin Building at 14420 Bristow Rd. in Manassas.

For Penn, go to Penn Elementary School at 12980 Queen Chapel Rd. in Woodbridge.

For Saunders, go to Herbert J. Saunders Middle School at 13557 Spriggs Rd. in Manassas.

For Signal Hill, go to Signal Hill Elementary School at 9553 Birmingham Dr. in Manassas.

For Yorkshire, go to Yorkshire Elementary School at 7610 Old Centreville R. in Manassas. 


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