$21 Million Road Project Moves Forward

The Prince William Board of County Supervisors approved a $15 million construction project for the Rollins Ford Road Improvement Project, and transferring millions into the Rollins Ford fund.

The Prince William Board of County Supervisors voted Tuesday to transfer millions of dollars from another county road project into the Rollins Ford Road Improvement Project fund, and to approve a $15 million construction contract.

The road project is in the Brentsville District in the western end of the county. 

Funds Transfer and $15 Million Contract Approved

The Board unanimously approved transfer of $7,370,657 from the Minnieville Road Project to help finance the higher costs of the Rollins Ford project.  

The county anticipates that it can finance the Minnieville Road project later with state funding. However, there is no guarantee that this money will come through.

The Board voted to approve $15,096,159 for a contract with Shirley Contracting Corporation to carry out the road project. 

The original cost for the project was projected at $12,002,675. The amount set aside for the project has increased by $9,333,512. That's due to improvements in visibility along the roads, and contractors building a longer bridge over Broad Run than anticipated to lessen the environmental impact, according to Thomas Blaser, a representative from the Department of Transportation. 

How the Rollins Ford Project is Funded

The county will take on $12 million in debt to finance the project, and will sell bonds, starting in fiscal year 2013, to pay that debt. Debt service payments will continue for 20 years. 

A few thousand dollars will also be raised from proffers. The Parks and Recreation Department will also kick in $2,122,658 for construction of a new, 25 acre park.

Add in the approximately $7.37 million budget transfer from the Minnieville Road Project that the county approved today, and that covers the total cost of the project: $21,495,990. 

Three Properties Taken

The members of the Board, with the exception of Stewart, voted to exercise quick-take powers for three properties in Nokesville. A representative of the landowners indicated that they were not opposed to surrendering the land to the county, but disputed the compensation the county had offered. 

"I cannot support this at this time," said Stewart, who said the landowners should have an additional week to negotiate. He also spoke later in the meeting in support of a state constitutional amendment that would limit the government's power to use eminent domain. 

The county proposed to pay the owners a total of $99,426 for the properties, located at 14502, 14520 and 14570 Vint Hill Rd.  

Quick-take powers allow local governments to take private property for a public purpose, without going through the eminent domain court process, so long as they reimburse the owners. 

Lucille Marianiello September 26, 2012 at 05:21 PM
They should be widening Rte 28 which really needs it!!


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