Local Residents Line Up to See President Obama in Woodbridge on Friday

Some residents were waiting in line since 5:30 a.m.

Robert Greene threw his hands in the air as he walked away from the ticket window at Potomac Nationals Pfitzner Stadium shortly after 9 a.m. today. 

"You all can go home now," he said, as the long line of people behind him laughed. "We are all sold out." 

Greene and his brother Rodney Greene were the first two in line to pick up tickets to see President Barack Obama campaign in Woodbridge on Sept. 21. They arrived at 5:30 a.m. 

"We got up at 5 a.m. and I picked him up, and we rolled around and made sure we were in the right place," Greene told Woodbridge Patch. 

Volunteer Sherron Day estimated that more than 100 were in line by 9 a.m. She wasn't sure how many were projected to show up, or how many tickets were available, since the total number of tickets were divided among four distribution sites. 

Tickets will be distributed until they run out, she said. 

Day said that more people were showing up to claim tickets for this event than for the Michelle Obama campaign event in June. 

"I think that people are more excited about seeing the president, even though it was a great opportunity to see Michelle," she said.

Day was inspired to volunteer for the Obama campaign after she saw Michelle Obama speak in June. 

"I saw all the volunteers working and I decided I wanted to get involved," she said.


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