General Assembly Meets In June To Finalize Redistricting

Congressional districts have not been through the entire redistricting process and the General Assembly will meet June 9 to take up the congressional plan.

Del. Richard Anderson said he was informed May 13 that the Virginia General Assembly will reconvene June 9 to finalize the congressional redistricting plan.

The plan, which is House Bill 5004, passed through the House of Delegates April 12 on a vote of 71-23.  The Senate has not considered the bill yet. Anderson said he hopes that the congressional redistricting plan will be passed on to the governor after the June 9 meeting. He said that the Senate Privileges and Elections Committee will meet early June 9 to consider the bill and send it to the Senate for a vote. The House of Delegates will meet at 5 p.m. in anticipation of the Senate's action on the bill.

The bill could return to the House of Delegates, depending on what the Senate does. Anderson said a Conference Committee would negotiate details of the plan if the Senate send it back. All 11 members of Virginia's congressional delegation have already endorsed the bill.


If the Senate approves of the plan, it is sent to Gov. Bob McDonnell for final approval.

"I look forward to finalizing Congressional redistricting so that necessary preparations can take place for federal elections in 2012," Anderson said.  "This has been a long journey, but it was an educational experience for those of us in the legislature who experienced our first redistricting session this year.”

Read Del. Richard Anderson's blog .


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