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State Troopers to Target I-95 For Traffic Campaign

State police cruisers will also be policing interstates 81 and 64 on Saturday.

When driving on Interstates 95, 81, and 64 on Saturday, don't be surprised if you see blue and gray Virginia State Police patrol cars. 

The department is working a traffic-enforcement campaign aimed at enhancing the safety of Virginia’s interstates this weekend. 

“As Virginia’s colleges and universities start filling up for the new school year, so are our interstates,” said Colonel W. Steven Flaherty, Virginia State Police Superintendent in a release. “We know that increasing our presence and visibility on the highways dramatically decreases the number of dangerous driving behaviors—therefore decreasing the odds of traffic crashes, deaths, injuries, and delays for motorists.”

So, remember to drive the speed limit, wear your seatbelt, avoid driving distractions, and pack your vehicle carefully.

"Traditionally, Virginia’s interstates experience a significant spike in traffic volume on the Saturday before the beginning week of classes at colleges and universities across the East Coast," said the release from VSP. "As a result, Aug. 18 was specifically selected for the traffic-safety campaign in an effort to help all motorists encounter safer interstates during their travels."

On Saturday, state police troopers, supervisors, motorcycle units and motor carrier teams will target the entire lengths of I-81, I-95 and I-64. State police operational duties on other interstates, primary and secondary roads will not be affected during the operation. 

With the increased presence of troopers on the interstates, motorists are reminded to comply with Virginia’s “Move Over” law. The state law requires drivers to change to another travel lane or, when not able to, to cautiously pass emergency personnel stopped on the side of the road.

Funding for the enforcement initiative is provided through federal highway safety monies. Funds generated from summonses issued by Virginia State Police go directly to court fees and the state’s Literary Fund, which benefits public school construction, technology funding and teacher retirement. 

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