Protect Your Vehicle From Larceny

After several recent larcenies in the Lake Ridge area, Prince William County police suggested a few safety tips.

After a recent rash of larcenies from vehicles in the Lake Ridge area, the Prince William County police department posted some safety tips on their Facebook page

The recent larcenies have been mostly in the Antietam Road and Cotton Mill Road areas, and most items stolen were purses, money, CDs and laptops. 

To prevent larceny, PWC Police suggest practicing T.L.C.

Take out your valuables: Leave your treasured possessions at home, or bring them in with you from your car at your destination. If you choose to leave them in the car, pack them in the trunk before you arrive at your destination.

Lock your vehicle: In the most recent cases of larceny in Lake Ridge, all vehicles were left unlocked. 

Close doors and windows: Don't make it easier for a thief to access the contents of your vehicle. 

For more information, see the PWC Police Facebook page

Nick Whitten July 28, 2012 at 02:54 PM
LOL, yeah my vehicle was locked, didnt prevent these dirt bags from stealing the soft top windows on my brand new jeep wrangler...thats ok, I hope they try again, my 40 S&W is waiting :)


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