County Police Designate April as Litter Enforcement Month

This is part of a wider initiative throughout the greater D.C. area.

April is Litter Enforcement Month in Prince William County, and PWC police are prepared to issue citations to and arrest those who are caught in the act of littering, according to police spokesperson Jonathan Perok.

"Littering and illegal dumping negatively affect our neighborhoods and the Potomac River," he said. "Litter that surrounds homes and businesses affects feelings of well-being, recreation and tourism in the County, and studies show that there is a strong correlation between large amounts of litter and increased crime."

Police will specifically focus on litter laws, illegal dumping, and unsecured truck load laws during this month. Residents who wish to cut down on littering in the county should follow these laws, and report those who don't, Perok said. The non-emergency number for the PWC Police Department is 703-792-6500.

Bob Jordan April 04, 2012 at 03:05 PM
Police will specifically focus on litter laws, illegal dumping, and unsecured truck load laws during this month. WHY AREN'T they doing that ALL THE TIME? Just because it's April? They SHOULD be LOOKING for law breakers ALL THE TIME!!! Will they pull someone over for throwing their cigarette butts out the window?? I don't believe it will happen.
Rachel Leon April 04, 2012 at 04:48 PM
Bob, this isn't a statement that police are ignoring those who litter the rest of the year, simply that they're going to make litter enforcement a special priority this month. And your last question sounds like a great question for our Ask an Officer feature: http://lakeridge.patch.com/articles/have-a-question-for-a-police-officer
Sherry April 12, 2012 at 11:20 PM
Bob, I can tell you that yes they will...A state trooper on his motorcycle got me on Dale Blvd. and gave me a chance to pick up my cig butt or get a ticket. Never had a ticket in 30 yrs. ...ever.....so of course I picked it up :)


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