Ask an Officer: Signs on Knightsbridge, Parking on Streets

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Question: Recently signs have been posted on Knightsbridge Road in front of the Westridge Elementary school that read “10 minute parking Mon – Fri." These do not appear to be the quality of most state signs, and they do not carry the tell-tale “Public Notice” on the back identifying the sign as genuine.  Are these signs enforced by the PWC Police department?

Answer: After looking into these signs, it appears the signs were put in place by the school. Police can only enforce signs that are put up by VDOT or the county under a VDOT agreement. In this particular case, these signs are not enforceable by police.

Question: Do police ticket vehicles with out-of-state plates? I live on Brook Drive in Dale City. I have noticed that for the past six months or so by the intersection of Brook Drive and Benton Street that there have been three or four vehicles (trucks, cars, trailers and motorcycles) with Indiana plates parked on the street. The last I knew a resident of Virginia needs to change the registration of a vehicle within 30 days of becoming a resident of Virginia. The extra trailers and cars pose a hazard for turning onto Benton Street. 

Answer: Police can ticket vehicles with out-of-state tags, however, there are exemptions, one of which being active military personnel. Prince William has a large number of military residents. If you would like the vehicles looked into by an officer, call our non-emergency line at 703-792-6500.

Question: Are there laws in Virginia against texting and talking on a cell phone while driving?

Answer: In Virginia, there is only a law against texting while driving. There are currently no limitations on talking on a cell phone while driving. As for the texting aspect of the law, this is a secondary offense, meaning the officer has to have another reason to pull you over in order to charge this specific code section. I have attached a link to the code section which explains the limitations. http://leg1.state.va.us/cgi-bin/legp504.exe?000+cod+46.2-1078.1


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