A Conglomeration of Activities

I wish I were two people.

I recently attended the of the where I was delighted to discover I was seated at a table with some wonderful friends. The evening was very successful, thanks almost entirely to the efforts of volunteers.

During the course of conversation, one of my friends remarked she was looking for a new activity to share her time, and wondered if I had a suggestion. I came home and composed this e mail:

Hi Cynthia,

It was great chatting with you last night. I wish we had more time to spend together, but as you can see, I’m pretty busy. Maybe you can join one of these activities with me and we can at least see each other every month:

  • Chamber of Commerce (Charter Member of the Joint Chamber)
  • Optimists- Lake Ridge/Woodbridge/Dale City (Charter Member, Board Member)
  • PW Clean Community Council (Board Member and participant in 6 volunteer programs)
  • Dale City Civic Association (6 months left on second term as president.)
  • Lindendale Community Group (Coordinator)
  • Neighborhood Leaders Group (Founding Member)
  • PW Trails and Streams Coalition (No formal position, but I am a member and try to help with some publicity for them)
  • Business Women of Prince William County (Admin)
  • Neighborhood Watch (Coordinator)
  • National Museum of Americans in Wartime (Steering Committee)
  • Parade Committee (Chairman Family Fun Day)

Additionally, I manage two web pages, (with help from Bill) and three email lists. I write press releases for some of these groups and create events on social media.

 I coordinate special events like the recent Lindendale Clean Sweep, the Library Workdays and the upcoming Neighborhood Pride Week. I write weekly columns for the Dale City Patch and occasionally contribute elsewhere. I also maintain (with help) the 44 rose bushes at the Commuter Lot, and Bill helps me with two Adopt a Spots and two vacant neighbors' yards, where we mow, trim, edge, etc.

We are paying someone to help with remodeling in our sun room because I am never available to work at my own home.

What would you like to do with me?

Love, Connie

My dear friend responded: “Drink Margaritas!”

Maybe one of you will tread where Cynthia fears to go? I need volunteers for Neighborhood Pride Week. This Third Annual Event begins Monday, June 27 and will run until the day after the Independence Day Parade. I have some great volunteers lined up for the weekdays, but definitely need help on the weekend. Come out and help us as we go beyond the regular litter pick up to trim edge and sweep the parade route. We want all the parade guests to see our beautiful community and we’re willing to work to take care of it!

Also, there is still time to get in on the Dale City Parade activities on Monday, July 4, 2011.You can march in the parade, sponsor a trophy or advertise in our commemorative booklet. You can be a vendor, display and sell your crafts, or even just be a guest at Family Fun Day.

Please call or email me for more information: moserconnie@hotmail.com, 703-590-6662.


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