Two Pitbulls Ran Away from Home on Mapledale Avenue

If you find these two 9-month-old pitbulls, contact Vanessa Montiel

Update Aug. 23:

Both puppies were found Wednesday and were turned in to a local shelter. Diesel and Cali are back home with Montiel. 

Original Post: 

A brother-and-sister pair of 9-month-old pitbulls went missing Tuesday night off of Mapledale Avenue. 

Owner Vanessa Montiel said that Diesel and Cali are not aggressive and kind with strangers and other animals. 

Montiel said that Cali is wearing a pink dog collar and Diesel is wearing a silver chain around his neck; neither dog has tags. Diesel is tan and Cali is a gray color. 

The dogs were in the backyard of a home on Mapledale avenue when they ran away through the driveway gate. 

Montiel said Cali is on medication for allergies and needs to take it daily. Please call Montiel at 703-965-4828 or at montielva@gmail.com if either or both dogs are found.

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