Vice Presidential Debate to Air Thursday Evening

Rep. Paul Ryan and Vice President Joe Biden will talk domestic and foreign policy.

Vice President Joe Biden and Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan will discuss domestic and foreign policy at the vice presidential debate Thursday evening at Centre College in Danville, KY.

Expectations are running high for this debate. Biden has been holding practice sessions and reading briefing books to prepare for Thursday night, The Washington Post reports. The pressure is on Biden after President Barack Obama’s lackluster performance at Wednesday’s first presidential debate. Reuters reports that Democrats are relying on Biden to deliver. Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus told the Post that he expects Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan to do well, but Vice President Biden is a “gifted orator.”

Vice presidential debates rarely make any difference in the elections, George Mason University public policy professor Mark Rozell told Patch.

"So whoever has the better night on Thursday, I doubt it will add up to much more than some media hype of what it all means to the race," Rozell said. "In the end, voters vote based on the top of the ticket, not the running mate."

Virginia residents have a host of issues they are concerned about that they would like to see the candidates address. Sequestration will cause $1.2 trillion in defense cuts and other spending if Congress doesn’t make key budget decisions by January. It is a key issue being discussed by local legislators and candidates.

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell hosted a press conference call Friday with U.S. Rep. Randy Forbes (R-4th) and Ashburn defense contractor Joe Travez, saying the cuts will be “devastating.” Approximately 200,000 Virginians would be at risk of losing their jobs if sequestration is implemented.

“These cuts would be devastating to the military and incredibly harmful to Virginia’s economy,” McDonnell said. 

Rozell says Thursday night’s debate will be “a debate of contrasts.”

“The two men have very different styles,” Rozell explained. “Biden is good on the emotive side. Ryan is more about policy and details. They keys for Biden are to avoid a news-making misstatement, appear statesmanlike as the incumbent who is a generation older than his young and less experienced counterpart. For Ryan, it is important to present the arguments for the Romney economic plan in a way that especially connects with middle class voters still thinking about that 47 percent comment. He can build a bit on the momentum that Romney has from the first debate.”

Charles Sutherland October 10, 2012 at 09:54 PM
Like Romney, Ryan will be discussing the 16 TRILLION DOLLAR national debt, the annual TRILLION DOLLAR Plus budget deficits, the millions of Americans unemployed and the 'real' unemployment rate of 14.5%, , the 44 Million people on food stamps, etc. Meanwhile, like Obama, Biden will probably be talking about Big Bird. Maybe he'll even be wearing a Big Bird costume to re-enforce this dignified presidential approach to our country's problems.
Charles Sutherland October 10, 2012 at 09:57 PM
BTW, the "re-enforce" was a deliberate misspelling...based upon something Big Bird once said...in case anyone noticed....


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