Woodbridge Has 'Best Companies to Work For'

Businesses with Woodbridge offices are included in Fortune magazine's list.

There are several businesses on Fortune magazine's 2013 100 Best Companies to Work For list which have locations in Woodbridge.  Here are 10, with their number on the national list in the parenthesis:

Four of the companies on the list are headquartered in Va.  They are:

vailbunny January 29, 2013 at 02:50 PM
Note that many of these are in the service industry - low paying. They may be the best in the county, but they do not offer a sustainable living wage. They have a lot of part-time employees as well, so they do NOT have to pay for health care. I am NOT for obamacare - but this is just an observation about these companies. They will still find a way around the health care issue - all they have to do is cut their hours (and therefore their employee's pay) and they will be exempt.


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