Susan Allen Says Obamacare Will Be 'Big Divider' In U.S. Senate Race

Susan Allen's husband, George Allen, will have to win the June 12 Republican primary if he wants a chance at repealing the president's healthcare plan.

Susan Allen was stumping for her husband, U.S. Senate candidate George Allen, today in Fredericksburg and she had some influential political friends by her side.

Sen. Bryce Reeves and Prince William County Del. Richard Anderson (R-51) tagged along with Susan Allen for a luncheon rally at the . Reeves is the new co-chairman of the Military Caucus and Anderson is chairman. Anderson spent 30 years in the Air Force and Reeves is a former Army Ranger. After the luncheon, they visited with another small business owner Jeff Morin of Coins for Anything off Industrial Drive.

The Republican primary is June 12 and both Allens are touring the state to talk to small business owners and voters. Allen's challengers are E.W. Jackson, Del. , and

Susan Allen had a quick chat with Blue and Gray Brewery owner and brewmaster Jeff Fitzpatrick, who expressed some concerns about President Obama's healthcare plan and how it might impact his business. Fitzpatrick will celebrate his 10th year brewing on July 2. He said the brewery is "rock solid" and the restaurant he added a few years ago is picking up business.

"I'm glad to see you so successful here," Susan Allen told him.

Reeves called Susan Allen "wonderwoman" because of how much stumping she has been doing for her husband. George and Susan Allen will actually celebrate their 26th anniversary on June 7 apart as they campaign in different parts of Virginia.

"She hustles every day, her schedule is jam packed," Reeves said. "This is the sacrifice that the Allens make because they know that when they get into office they are going to help not only move Virginia forward, but move us forward as a country. We get a two-fer here because not only do we get George Allen, but we get Susan Allen."

Anderson said George Allen has earned the respect and appreciation of military veterans. He urged the dozen people who came to have lunch to vote for George Allen in the primary.

"That way we move him from the semifinals into the finals and across the goal in November to be the next United States Senator for the Commonwealth of Virginia," Anderson said.

One of those veterans Anderson was referring to was Daniel P. Cortez of Stafford County, who is president of the nonprofit Virginia Weddings For Life Inc. Cortez earned a Purple Heart as a Marine in Vietnam and served with Susan Allen's father, Larry, a Marine Corps pilot who Cortez said flew him in and out of battle.

"I don't think there is anyone who cares more about veterans, next to the governor, than George Allen and Rich Anderson," Cortez said. "We want people like that to support our veterans. People I marry say how bad things are and it is the worst I have ever seen it in my life. It is so much like when Jimmy Carter was president."

Susan Allen finished the luncheon with a quick speech about what seems to be a regular concern she hears from small business owners: President Obama's healthcare plan.

"Every small business I go into, the number one issue, and I was asking Jeff here at the brewery, the number one issue that impedes the growth of their business is Obamacare," she said. "George wants to get in there and repeal it and replace it right away."

Jesus James Alvarez June 01, 2012 at 12:21 AM
Sarah, I don't agree with your statement that the rich don't care about the poor. While I agree that the rich may never truly understand what it means to be poor, it doesn't automatically label them as "outsiders" to those who who struggle day to day. I believe it is what the person does with his assets and resources that defines who he is. For instance, take Warren Buffet and Bill Gates, these gentleman have donated numerous times to different charities and are one of the few billionaires who have pledged to publicly commit to give away half their wealth in their lifetime or after their deaths. I don't blame you for your frustration. I am only 20 years old and I am sure you have had personal experiences that defined your argument. When it comes to this Va Senate race, I am not a fan of either candidate, I am just waiting for the day I turn 25 to become involved myself. One must get involved for change to occur, stay optimistic and question everything--that's my advice.
Sarah Cusati June 01, 2012 at 01:00 AM
Alvarez, Buffett and Gates were different than most wealthy people. Still they did very little for the people in this country who are sick, homeless, and without jobs. They take their millions to other countries. They don' believe in helping poor Americans. I guess when you become 25, you will be for letting all illegals that can come across our borders, stay here, and pay them with our social security funds, that they never paid a cent into. As well a giving them homes, free health care, and free schooling. And everything else they can put their hands on. We don't need you, in government. And we sure don't need them.
Jesus James Alvarez June 01, 2012 at 02:44 AM
I'm sorry, I think you have me confused with someone you know personally. Exactly how did you come to the conclusion that those positions you listed are ones that I support? I am in support of immigration reform, but what I really try to push for is education reform. In a way you are a hypocrite because you do not understand and don't seem to care about immigrants and the reason behind why they immigrated. I agree there are some people who abuse the system, but it's not just illegals, even some Americans take advantage as well. Immigration is crucial for the expansion of our economy, especially since 15% of US workers are immigrants. Immigrants are more likely to start businesses here than us Americans, a good example would be Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google. Immigration is a complicated issue, and not everyone is going to be pleased with future solutions, but at least I don't judge others without knowing as much as I can about them. Educate yourself.
Jason Atkinson June 01, 2012 at 02:12 PM
While you are pretty much correct, I don't see the distinction between Allen and any other politician for the most part. I don't think that their goals are to send jobs away and put people out of their homes, however. That is just rhetoric.
Jason Atkinson June 01, 2012 at 02:15 PM
Wow, what an openly racist and bigoted comment. At least you don't hide your feelings, or use an alias for your name...sadly, if your positions are to judge people by their names, then you will likely have a hard time finding any candidate (or decent human being) to support what it is you are looking for. But, good luck.


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