Small Business Saturday Preview: Polka Dot Divas

Polka Dot Divas is decked out for the holidays.

For Polka Dot Divas, Small Business Saturday is only one of many days on which their local regulars support the small store. 

"We have a lot of locals here that support us, and that's what keeps us going through the wintertime," co-owner Julie Marshall said. 

But Small Business Saturday also brings a surge in customers who don't regularly frequent the shop, but still want to support a small business on that day. 

Anticipated popular items this year include bottle stoppers and bottle openers, both of which come in various sassy designs, and scarves imported from London. 

"They're ahead of the curve; they're fashion-forward," employee Lorelei Kennedy said, noting that the nearest store that sold them outside of Occoquan was in Richmond. 


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