Occoquan Chocolate Walk: Polka Dot Divas

Find a romantic gift with personality.

Down at the end of Mill Street in Occoquan, the Polka Dot Divas like to have a little fun, and Valentine's Day is no exception.

The store steers away from the traditional Valentine's Day roses and chocolate. 

"We just incorporated a lot of the fun, red, sassy stuff," co-owner Julie Marshall said. She had a few suggestions for customers wanting to find that special gift. 

The Lollia line of lotions and perfumes might be an ideal gift for a significant other or friend.

"That's a nice, loving gift," Marshall said. 

The magnetic scrapbook "pages" are a quirky, no-stress gift for anyone of any age.

"This year, scarves are really big," Marshall said. "We have a color, a style for every person."

Young girls might enjoy giving each other the store's tie-dye scarves, while their older friends might prefer the rack of designer scarves from the U.K. 

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While many of the other stores will be serving a traditional chocolate sweet or dish, Marshall is a self-proclaimed southern girl, and will be making a dish she calls "cracker candy." 

"I'm southern, all the way," said Marshall, who was born and raised in South Carolina. "This is saltine crackers with toffee on the top. Everyone says it's like crack. Anybody can make this. Once you start eating it, you can't stop."

After making it, the candy is frozen, and then the tray of candy is slammed hard on the counter until it cracks. 

"Don't use a glass tray," she said. 

Marshall's sister has made it for years. When they go to their family's beach house, her sister often makes a batch, and they finish it on the car ride to the beach. 

"We'll eat it until we make ourselves sick," Marshall said.

This year, Marshall might spice up the candy with some red hots. 

"We're a little bit different down here," she said. "We're going to make it a little fun." 

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Occoquan Holds Chocolate Walk Just in Time For Valentine's Day

DynoDon February 07, 2013 at 01:14 PM
Go Diva's, Go Diva's. From Don @ Genesis Construction
Sherry Welzel Mangas February 07, 2013 at 03:44 PM


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