Kiki Riki: An Affordable Peruvian Delight

With a menu spanning from gyros to Peruvian style rotisserie chicken, to sirloin steak, to seafood cebiche, Kiki Riki is a restaurant well worth your hunger.

Lodged between Starbucks and , Kiki Riki is a spacious and clean restaurant with some great food for the money you’re paying. With a menu spanning from barbecue ribs, sirloin steak, seafood cebiche, Peruvian style fried rice, lomito, yucca, and their signature Peruvian style rotisserie chicken, there’s food for every palate.

With Peruvian style hamburgers, topped with slices of fried sweet potatoes, salsa criolla, lettuce and mango, at a whopping price of six bucks, it’s hard to resist. So I didn’t! The burger itself is pretty big, and comes with a side of red onions incase you’d like more to the mix. For $6, this burger could feed you, and likely anyone else you bring with you. But of course, other like-priced foods include their pulled bbq chicken sandwich, lomito sandwich, gyros, and a multitude of subs—some are even cheaper. Food takes roughly 10-15 minutes to get to you, depending on how much you order; the Peruvian burger only took 10 minutes, and I was at the back of a pretty long take-out list. The only thing that may put some people off the plastic knifes / forks and styrofoam plates; not exactly the most eco-friendly choices, but certainly takes nothing from the overall experience if you’re there for good food and a positive environment.

Something that really adds to the experience is their service. Customers weren’t left to idlely twiddle their thumbs, and those already seated were attentively checked on. That said, it was evident that those manning the cash registers and working as servers were still learning English, but didn’t let that downplay their magnetic personalities. The owner also regularly chats with customers, something well received by regular patrons, as a method of quality assurance.

Overall, well worth your money for lunch and dinner, especially if you’re not looking to spend too much. With a very friendly staff and family-oriented environment, Kiki Riki proves great for any combination of family or friends. The fact that Peruvian restaurants aren’t as common in NOVA as, say, Italian restaurants, making it a great place to bring those you’re trying to impress with something unique.

Kathy June 10, 2012 at 10:05 PM
When I came to this place I thought that I was going to have an excellent lunch. Inside the place looks fine but simple. I have a lot experience as a Peruvian food taster and this restaurant doesn't offer a real peruvian food flavor. The porcions of food are very small, the rice tastes very artificial, the pieces of chicken are also small and the presentation of the plates are very simple. You might pay until $25.00 for two very poor plates of food and two small sodas. I wouldn't come back to this place. If you still think this a good place look at this link and there violations, if you are not convincing go and see with your own eyes. Check it out. i bet it is not updated http://www.city-data.com/va-restaurants/Kiki-Riki.html
Kathy June 10, 2012 at 10:06 PM
I do not know where the goods reviews came from. This is the worst restaurant in the country.Good review must be written by the owner. This place is dirty. Just pay attention the waitress dries the table set with the same cloth they use to dry their hands and countertop. Ewww. The servers are rude and takes forever to bring your order. Worst they bring you the entrees before the appetizer, and once they take your order they dont care about you. Dont go to this place. Now I understand why they have another restaurant with a different name across Manassas Mall. It is the same service and quality. I have been there without notice is the same owner. Eww. Never again!!


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