Welcome 2012!

An optimistic view of the future.

When I write, I start with a topic sentence or a subject, then get off on some side street and find I’ve written a completely different article than my headline indicated. Try not to be surprised if we wind up some place else.

I don’t think 2012 is destined to be our most memorable year, collectively speaking. After all, it’s not as huge as a new decade, and not nearly as enormous as that new century we had twelve years ago. If the doomsday predictions are correct this time, 2012 isn’t going to be memorable, but only a memory, for after all, archaeologists have now unearthed a second reference to doomsday 2012.

I don’t mean to make light of this prediction. I distinctly remember when some neighbors were certain the earth would end during Y2K (2000) and moved to Hawaii because they could live off the land without benefit of technology. Boy, they were really surprised to discover we were still here on Jan 2, 2001.

Usually, newspapers and columnists ask you to look back on the preceding year and let us know what the top stories were. We may reflect on persons of note who died. We may ask what images stand out. Let’s not dwell on that. The past is over.

So, will 2012 be the most memorable year of your life? Imagine the possibilities. Is 2012 the year you get married, get pregnant, beat cancer, buy a home, sell a home or give birth? If you answer that question with, “Yes," it may well be your most memorable year. Maybe this is the year you get divorced, don’t get pregnant, don’t get cancer, don’t buy a home or sell a home and don’t have a child; would that still make 2012 your most memorable year? It might!

I am an Optimist. Really! I am a board member of the Occoquan-Woodbridge Optimists. We follow a creed to guide us in making the best of every situation, so naturally, 2012 is going to be our most memorable year. We think every year is going to be the best year of our lives. We also think today is the best day ever and probably even the next minute or two is going to be pretty grand.

Well, then, what about resolutions? If you’re an Optimist, you don’t have to make any resolutions. I think setting some goals is a better idea. I have some goals for 2012. Most of my goals include things like working harder for my community, but this year, I’m going to make a few personal goals a priority, too.

Please join me on Patch in the comments. Tell me your goals and why you think 2012 is going to be the best year, ever.  If you don’t agree, you can always join the Pessimists’ Club on Facebook.

Unfortunately, they only have three members since October 2010. Am I being optimistic if I note that’s good they only have three members?


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