The Great Escape: Mom's Back to School

Enjoy the transition and take a break.

The kids are heading back to school in the next couple of weeks—are you ready? After you buy all the pencils, crayons, and backpacks they need for the year, make sure to think about you. Here are a few ways to celebrate a new school year in true style:

Back-to-school party

Start a new tradition with a morning party with your children’s schoolmates before they bus pulls up. Favorite food such as doughnuts and orange juice will mark the day as a new beginning. Then, when the bus leaves, celebrate with the other mothers with a full breakfast buffet. It’ll be something you (and your kids) will look forward to each summer.

Begin a New Year

The new school year is a new year for most families and it’s a great time to organize, make new resolutions, and enjoy a new beginning in general. Set aside some time to rethink what worked and what didn’t during the past few months. Then, plan how to help correct the situation. Do you need a planner? A better filing system? Or simply, a bit of time for yourself? Taking steps to address needs will help the school year run smoother.

Back-to-school shopping

You’ve bought your children new jeans and sneakers, but do you need to do any shopping for yourself? Take some time to clean out unworn clothing and plan for any needs for the cooler season. Is last year’s coat in good condition? Was there something that you wished for repeatedly during the winter? A simple plan will help fill in any clothing gaps when you head to the mall.


Looking for a babysitter? Try looking for students at a local university. College students often have flexible hours than high schoolers and are often looking for money to help pay for school. Contact the school’s career services or student life department to ask if they have a way you can advertise for a babysitter. Also, put up flyers in appropriate places (such as dorm bulletin boards) or on Craigslist where students are likely to see them. Finally, if you know someone in college, ask them if they have any friends who are looking for a part-time job.


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